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I hate when people tell me that I'm in a phase, and that my girlfriend is an experiment. DONT YOU UNDERSTAND?

Just like when a girl says "no" and later the rapist is like "well no can mean many things-" no... it doesn't

And the the hit single from the next album " wait did you just say you like girls? "

Activism: Anne Hathaway is an activist for LGBT rights because she supports equality. She is a great ally to have because she can reach larger audiences due to her fame.

"hi im nicolette. im halseys little sister and im 15. im very single and bisexual. im not really like anyone here, im a good girl. i like to read and write and listen to music. i don't really go to parties or anything, and h let me smoke one time and i hated it."

*Xoe Arabella* Hey I'm Arabella. Kurt Cobains daughter, you can nust call me Ari. I'm 17 and I enjoy music, and playing drums.I have an older brother called Johnnie. I am Bisexual and single

The White Stripes-Fell In Love With A Girl - This was The White Stripes' first big hit but the video is remembered more than the song. Upon its release it won numerous awards that put them on the musical map. It's an effective, original idea that has a homemade feel which perfectly encapsulates the rough mood of The White Stripes. I've always loved this one.