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Poor floss...<----Poor floss? Poor me! I share the same emotions about feeling left out by a container of a dental product no one even uses anymore! I'm the one who should be getting pity :( Sorry Rant haha

None of my yoga pants have ever been to yoga. And I have about 6 pairs of them! It's Victoria's fault! Bahahahahahaha!!!

Omg this is sooo true!!!! I always laugh with my hubby regarding this because whenever we throw a get together/party/etc. our house is immaculate!! Being "forced" to scrub down your entire house squeaky clean is the best method to get stuff done!! Lol

Original pinner said: So doing this on Aprils Fool Day with my students. A pan with tin foil over it so students think they are Brownies for everyone. When you open it Brown "E"s for all! LOL! Then of course the real Brownies could be hiding somewhere!

A way to non-chalantly let others know you approve of their taste without "bruising" their ego. LOVE IT. i'd pin that, i am pinning that