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Mark Steyn Blasts the “Pansified” Western Media for Not Standing Up to Terrorists Written by: Onan Coca Published on: January 9, 2015 Read more at

"Low-flying Typhoons leapfrogged the increasing wreckage of Europe in support of advancing ground forces. Was the radiator damaged by ground fire?" KB Hawker Typhoon

I love reading old books. I love discovering hidden truths, or overlooked--or oftentimes, ignored--truths by the scholarly elite. The truth IS out there! Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne: The final work of the great Belgian historian Henri Pirenne, this remarkable classic offered a revolutionary new theory of how the Europe of the Roman Empire evolved into the Europe of the Middle Ages. Departing from the standard view that the Germanic invasions obliterated the...

Star Castle

Star Castle is a fortress on St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, built in 1593 by Robert Adams, Surveyor of the Royal Works (d.1595) and Francis Godolphin, Captain of the Scilly Isles, during the "Spanish invasion scare."

Top News: "AUSTRIA: Europe's Far-Right Parties Says 'Let Britain Be Free'" - - "The fear-mongering of people like (Jean-Claude) Juncker and (Martin) Schulz cannot sway us," Le Pen said. on Politicoscope -

Erdogan & His Army Of Islamic Supremacists Take Over Turkey, They're Now Declaring Him The Caliphate Of The Islamic World & Will Now Be Using The Government Of Turkey To Form The Empire Of The Antichrist & Will Work To Invade Europe By Walid Shoebat [10.01.15]

Fin de civilisation (Stalingrad Metro Station) - 6,500 soldiers in the streets of Paris as "migrants" turn Metro station into war zone - Perhaps the oddest thing about the migrant invasion of Europe is that so many Europeans are adapting, apparently with little protest, to seeing the streets they live and work in militarized. (17 April 2016) -- Wake Up America! Wake Up Europe!

In 1957, at the height of the Cold War, Great Britain hatched a plan to bury a series of nuclear warheads throughout Germany as a failsafe in case the Soviet army attempted to invade Europe from the east. Immediately they encountered a problem: the winter temperatures of the North German plain. So Britain’s best military scientists went to work, and came up with the most ridiculous idea ever: chickens, they said, would produce enough body heat to keep the electronic circuits warm.