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Babysitting Matchmaker Websites

UrbanSitter is a Helpful Tool for Parents and Young Self-Starters #parenting

Matchable Motherly Parenting Networks

Mom Meet Mom is a Network for Mothers to be Matched Up #parenting

Maternal Community Apps

Smile Mom is an App That Connects Nearby Mothers #parenting

Smart Pregnancy Scales

The Bellabeat Balance Monitors Pregnancy Weight for Moms and Babies #baby

Parent-Mocking Blogs

The STFU Parents Tumblr Lets You Express Your Frustration #parenting

Parent Texting Blogs

A Hilarious & Embarrassing Tumblr of 'When Parents Text' #parenting

Mommy Marketplaces : trading cradles

Trading Cradles is an Online Network for Baby Goods #parenting

Instructive Mothering Apps

Breast 2 Bump is a Helpful App for Moms Who Are New or Expecting #pregnancy

Parental Privacy Peeping Patterns

Fatherly Preparedness Apps

This App Provides a Series of Quick Tips for New Dads #fatherhood