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Alphabet♫ ($0.99) Plus, play and learn with five sets of alphabet sounds and kid-friendly controls. Just tap the arrows to go forwards, backwards, or repeat each sound. It's simple and fun! Sound Sets: I - Letter Names II - Letter Sounds (Phonics) III - Robot Voice IIII - Mouse Voice IIIII - Singing Voice Choose from a rainbow of colors by tapping the color button.

Pop ABCs - Letters & Letter Sounds ($2.99) Perfect for 4-10 years old In Pop ABCs, your child will learn the alphabetic principle: to recognize letters and learn how letters are pronounced and sound. Once children are able to hear and discern sounds (phonemes), they are ready to associate those sounds with letters. With timeless 8-bit gameplay, wacky sound FX, points bonuses, colorful graphics and a clear learning objective, Pop ABCs is that rare thing: a game for all the family.

ABC MAGIC 5 Letter Sound Matching ($0.00) Gain mastery with letter sounds by using this app. This app will help strengthen the association of each letter with its most commonly occurring sound.

ABC Ninja - The Alphabet Letters and Phonics Slicing Game for Kids by Innovative Mobile Apps ($0.00) • Slice your way through all capital letters by name or phonic sounds • Slice your way through all lower case letters by name or phonic sounds • You decide what to focus on - turn individual categories ON or OFF from the settings page • Learn by sight, sound, and touch

ABCs PlayTime Lite ($0.00 FREE VERSION) full version 4.99 - provides children with the opportunity to play with our fun characters while learning; letters names, letter sounds and how to write their letters. Set up a login for up to 4 different children. * Each letter has its own alteration song and animation. This is followed by a catchy letter sound repetition, followed by the letter name. During this they are shown both the hand sign (ASL/BSL) and how to trace the letter.

MyABC (7 in 1): Write & Learn alphabets and letter sounds ($3.99) Enjoy learning ABCs letters, letter sounds (phonetic) and picture words of A-Z sign language (ASL), animals and food, including learn how to write ABCs. There're lots of fun games to help your child learn ABCs (i.e, puzzle games, 12 matching games, 4 square face games, alphabet sorting game and 3 recognizing pattern games). **Plus, create your own ABC's word sets, images, and sounds. This app is totally customizable.

Letter Muncher ($1.99) will help your child build vocabulary while mastering the essential skills of identifying initial consonant sounds and the letter or letters that represent them. In each round, the player is asked to choose which of five items should be fed to the hungry Letter Muncher and which go into the recycle bin. But be careful! This little monster is a picky eater and will munch only those things that begin with a given letter sound.

Hairy Letters ($2.99) • Interact with animations and trace the letter shape onscreen with your finger. • Play games to reinforce learning and build letters into simple words. • Letter sounds come to life with animated characters. • Learn to form each letter shape with your finger. • Play games to blend letter sounds into first words. • Includes upper case letter names.

ABC Alphabet Phonics - Alphabet Ordering, ABC Song, Letters Matching and Phonics Sound ($0.00) provides everything your child needs to learn the alphabet, phonics and the sound and first words associated with each letter. This app includes the "Alphabet Song", a coloring book with a page for each letter, activities for learning the letters in sequence, and fun animated games to teach pronunciation and letter recognition.