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地球を出発してから一周年だぁーー!!(more from JAXA's IKAROS)

"The yo ~ convey the latest information of me! Starting the earth on May 21, 2010, it has become a space yacht of the world's first. Fly-by the side of Venus in December 2010! I also passed two and a half years soon after you leave the earth. I was asleep in hibernation for a while but I was happened recently. -Was so happy to find me. Data sent to Zhong still going strong Yo I also had to draw picture of Doll Festival @ Akatsuki_JAXA @ QZSS!!!" (Google Translate, on IKAROS' picture)

IKAROS Solar Sail 3rd anniversary sketch. I like how the Japanese cutely anthromorphise everything. (3歳お祝いイラストもらった!! 嬉しいなぁー)

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