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Mcqueen the new play showing at The Haymarket Theatre - the dark dream world and visionary imagination of Alexander McQueen in James Phillips new play McQueen, More

I like this picture of Blackbird because the body shape (proportion) is good recorded. I would like to create this black bird by using papier mache technique.

The European Magpie is an infamous thief known to steal shiny objects such as gold and jewels. It is also considered one of the smartest animals on the planet and is the only non-mammal able to recognize itself in a mirror

Sue Brown Printmaker: KING OF THE BIRDS, COLLAGRAPH. --- this is amazing, love the effect that collograph produces, mine never look this exquisite!

Devil Went Down To Georgia ( Charlie daniels band cover ) by Lonewolf368 on SoundCloud

My heart breaks knowing that you are hurting!! It is so hard to not be next to you when you need me most! :-( I Love YOU & want to rescue you from every hurt..wipe away your tears & hold you safe in my arms!! I Do Love YOU so very, very, very much!!!!!!!!!!!***