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What a horrible cheating combo. Well I am still not drinking soda. Baby steps away from sugar

Odd products: Can’t tell if weird or genius (30 photos)

Dew chapstick. Got this for the mans for christmas stocking stuffer. It really does smell like soda!

1000 Life Hacks: Trying to cut sugary sodas out of your diet? Chug a glass of water when you get a craving for one. If you still want it then drink it. Most times you wont though.

WHAT YOUR CRAVINGS ARE TELLING YOU - A strong craving is no weakness it usually indicates your body is low in a specific nutrient vitamin or mineral. So what are your cravings really trying to tell you? Here are a few of the most common cravings and the nutrients your body may be lacking. #1 CHOCOLATE What you really need: Magnesium Healthier alternatives: Raw nuts and seeds legumes fruits #2 SUGARY FOODS & SWEETS What you really need: Chromium Healthier alternatives: Broccoli grapes cheese…

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Why soda is bad for you Plexus can help with those bad cravings!!

50's diner I really like this design and will use things from it in my design the pale pink and baby blue contrast well together giving it a light feel