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bedrooms that look like playrooms

Crayola Letter Art In Blues Or Pinks

Crayola crayon letter for JJ....wonder how many boxes of crayons I'd need to do this in green and gold!!

Transform Your Closet to a Sensory Escape Reading Nook

I’ve noticed a trend on Pinterest lately. Folks are turning their children’s closets into reading nooks. But for sensory kiddos, these transformed closets could be the perfect sensory-free nook to escape to. Tell me, have you taken hour child’s small closet and turned it into a warm cozy nook? As an adult, even I would…

Plaza Artist Materials & Picture Framing

Using empty frames on your wall with some clips in the middle give your kids a way to display their favorite artwork on a rotating basis!

5 Easy Storage and Organization Solutions for Any Kid’s Bedroom

diy home organization dollar store | 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the ... | DIY proj ...

Healthy Sea Turtle Snacks for Kids

Found this adorable idea on Pinterest with no source and had to share! These would be fun to make for the kids during an ocean theme unit or just for fun! Ingredients: Green apples Green grapes Goldfish crackers Mini chocolate chips Frosting Slice a green apple in half as well as grapes then lay them …