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I am terrified by this dark thing that sleeps in me. All day I feel its soft, feathery turnings, its malignity. Clouds pass and disperse. Are those the faces of love, those pale irretrievables? Is it for such I agitate my heart? I am incapable of more knowledge. What is this, this face so murderous in its strangle of branches? Its snaky acids kiss. It petrifies the will. These are the isolate, slow faults that kill, that kill, that kill.

Gingerbread recipe

gingerbread recipe A good recipe to use with children – the dough can cope with lots of handling by the children and the finished biscuits will still turn out OK.

I really like the positioning on these leaves and i could use it in my Final Design as leaves on trees scattered about like they are on this design!

When a ghost in blue and with a crown appears in Jasper's halls, the whole world knows it to be Queen Alytha - lost child of Nevaeh, his grandfather's dead first wife.

Budget Travel Will Turn You Into An Adventurer

Travelling on such a small budget will force you to make crazy decisions that you might never have made if you could afford the comfortable alternative.