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Poullain de La Barre, escritor, filósofo cartesiano y feminista francés (1647-1725)

Just because s/he smiles, doesn't mean it's real. Sadly, this tends to be the face of abuse #abuse #thefaceofabuse

Palabras que cambian con el género. Not just an infographic; it has a very creative short story using these words.

Micromachismo: 20 formas de violencia de género que suelen pasar desapercibidas en la vida cotidiana

33 Feminist GIFs You Need In Your Life

The American Dream was based on freedom. Which is rare these days due to injustice acts. Feminism gives give women a chance to show that no matter what happens to us, for example rape, trafficking, etc . We still believe in equality for men and women.

If they lay a hand on you I'll cut it off - 'threatening/funny embroidery for bro and sis' when they bring someone home