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William Lanne - 'last full-blooded Aboriginal man of Tasmania'; husband of Truganini; body was dismembered for science after his death from dysyntery and cholera; skull was stolen by a surgeon and replaced with skull of a white man; King Billy Pine Athrotaxis selaginoides names after him for its durability against rot and insects

'Harriet Tubman, abolitionist, author, and engineer of the Underground Railroad, led Union Army guerillas into South Carolina and freed nearly 800 slaves on June 2, 1863. Tubman was the first woman in U.S. history to command an armed military raid.’ “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” - Harriet Tubman

After the attacks on 9/11, many claimed it was the 1st instance of a terrorist assault from the air on American civilians. Such assertions are only true if one discounts the experiences of Blacks living in Tulsa in 1921. After a rumor spread that a young Black man raped a white woman, a mob of white men formed a lynching gang. The Black community stepped forward to defend the man & an armed confrontation ensued. Later 6 biplanes were dispatched, which dropped incendiary bombs on Black…

"When Anita Florence Hemmings applied to Vassar in 1893, there was nothing in her records to indicate that she would be any different from the other 103 girls who made up the class of 1897. By august 1897, the college as well as the world had discovered her secret: anita hemmings was vassar’s first black graduate — more than 40 years before the college opened its doors to african americans." #herstory #women's #history

trebled-negrita-princess: “deenoverdami: “essentialisinvisible: “Black man drinking at white only fountain, ca 1964 – by Cecil Williams. ” Yall act like racism ended thousands of years ago. But my dad is older than this damn picture. ” Not a single...