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Handmade Soap-Long Tall Sally by SoapsMcGotes on Etsy

This soap has the aroma of the popular incense; patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon's blood. Awakens the senses to the mystical. A wonderful scent to improve spiritual focus and clarity. This soap is made from saponified coconut oil, olive oil, sustainable palm oil, shea butter and sweet almond...

7 end slices from 7 batches of soap. All awesome! I pick the slices, so you never know what you will get! :)

So, I was soaping one day and I wondered what frankincense essential oil soap would smell like if I swirled a lot of pumpkin pie spice, honey and brown sugar through it.....This was what happened. A ton of awesome. It smells like an amazing hunk of spice cake, but don't eat it.....Its for your ou...

Body Wash Southern Summer by SoapsMcGotes on Etsy

A mysterious combination of amber, cardamom and Madagascar vanilla. A decidedly masculine scent in an olive oil based soap. Activated charcoal is thickly swirled throughout, with orange accents in the middle, giving it the look of its namesake and giving it natural detoxifying charachteristics.

Handmade Soap- Midnight Stroll

Handmade Soap Midnight Stroll by SoapsMcGotes on Etsy

How to Recycle Your Recyclables

DIY soaping with upcycle molds (homemade, recycable box, beauty, soap, bath, how to)