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Explore Sufjan Stevens, Heart Rending and more!

Gorgeously sensitive US singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens next week releases his most heart-rending album yet. How do the songs stack up?

Australia will be competing at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Forget about the music: what about implications for the Eurozone? Though they can make up for it.

Bright Eyes singer-songwriter Conor Oberst talked about some of the songs - including his own - and artists that mean most to him. Have a listen here.

Remember those great mash-up videos of Obama and Cameron "singing" hit songs? The Liberal Democrats have tried to make one. It's awful. Truly, truly awful.

V.Point » 10 reasons Scots might dislike Nigel Farage (none of them are his Englishness) by Michael MacLennan

With Patrick O'Flynn and Suzanne Evans quitting it seemed like Ukip was becoming the Nigel Farage show. These exciting additions prove otherwise!

V.Point » Hunter-gatherers had gender equality: shows society needn't be sexist by Michael MacLennan

V.Point » Orgreave: Justice shouldn't be denied because miners' strike was 'too long ago' by Michael MacLennan

V.Point » Lib Dems have made the drugs promise they should have made pre-election by Michael MacLennan

The Telegraph has gone on the offensive - in more ways than one - by linking suicides at The Times with commercial pressures.