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Grid life #F1 #C4F1 @therealdcf1 @grid_bear by leemckenzietv

Fence and Wall Spikes - 18ft Pack

raccoon deterrent - cat paw strips - come in clear and in colors - re downspouts

Poultry Predator Identification: A Guide to Tracks and Sign -

Here’s a guide to poultry predator identification that covers tracks, scat, feeding sign, and other behavior, to help you identify threats to your chickens and other livestock. This is largely based on my own experience tracking and camera trapping, and designed to educate and inspire responsible livestock protection that will allow coexistence with predators.

100+ Modern Homesteading Skills to Master (or at least try!)

This is awesome. I just don't know how your going to be able to use the info when you actually need it since more than likely there will be no electricity and your phone/tablet will be dead.

Pioneer life has a special meaning in America. In less than 300 years, civilization spread across a vast continental wilderness. From the first landings in