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Health Canada hid fatal, off-label drug side-effects from the public

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Dr. Bart Billings, Ph.D., retired Army Colonel, former military psychologist, and founder and director of the military-wide Human Assistance Rapid Response Team (HARRT) program, is convinced suicides among troops are a direct result of psychiatric drug prescriptions. He refers to psychiatric drugs as a “chemical lobotomy” being given to soldiers.

According to a review of the influence big drug companies have on healthcare, patients are being tricked into taking drugs they do not need and that do not work.

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Prescription drug overdose deaths increased for the 11th year in a row

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Federal Claims Court rules hepatitis vaccine caused fatal lupus (SLE)

The the non-profit advocacy group Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs, also known as CoMeD has been trying to raise awareness about the presence of mercury in vaccines.

Institute Of Medicine says not enough evidence to reject vaccine-autism link

Analysis: U.S. backing for Orexigen drug lifts obesity field

Interactive map shows obesity rates by country. Can you guess where America ranks? Planet Earth, where 925 million people are hungry, and 1.4 billion are overweight.

Exhibiting powerful healing properties, Echinacea is a key ingredient in many lozenges, teas and tinctures. Here's just a glimpse into the history and many health benefits of Echinacea!