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All-girl team of 8th graders won the Tallest Tower Contest at Bud Carson STEM Academy this week--they had only newspaper and "a limited amount of tape" to get it done. Congratulations to Vanessa, Viviana, Sara, and Helena! (Photo from Trash for Teaching, which facilitated the activity.)

Human Body Project: A Life-Size, Lift-the-Flap Model

Human Body Activities for Kids • Everything included! Reading passages, graphic organizers, & easy-to-follow directions for a life-size, hands-on human body project that incorporates reading and writing.

STEM Activity Challenge Bucket Towers

Tower building in STEM Class! Build a bucket tower with the suspended bucket able to hold weight! Easy materials and easy prep = lots of fun!

One World Ocean - Activity

One World Ocean - Activity - Learn about ocean currents and the difference between salt and fresh water.

Geologic Timeline Lab, Geologic Time, History of the Earth Activity / Lab

This geologic timeline activity works well with 7th - 10th grade earth science students. Included are six different tables of events on six different masters so that even with a class of 36, having small groups of three ensures six different timelines with only two small groups making the same one. The activity sheet guides students through creating a scale of geologic time and then has students use that math to calculate how far down their timeline their events should be marked.

Full STEAM Ahead: Why Arts Are Essential in a STEM Education

Educators can bring creative people into STEM fields by showing students the creativity in what they're doing and how it lets them explore their own creative interests.

Participate in STEM programs and activities as a Girl Scout. #GirlScouts Girl Scouts Rock @Stephanie Anderson (201206080005HQ) by nasa hq photo, via Flickr

Archimedes once said “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth.” While the idea of a person moving such a huge mass on their own might sound impossible, chances are you’ve seen this idea in action at your local playground. Andy Peterson and Zack Patterson use the seesaw to illustrate the amazing implications and uses of the lever.