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Air Therapy Globe | Améo hand-finished bamboo ultrasonic diffuser. The Globe’s ultrasonic technology breaks the mixture of water and oils into millions of particles and then disperses them to provide various therapeutic benefits, delightful fragrances and improved air quality. Its sleek design also incorporates natural elements and soft lighting to bring peace and balance to any setting.

Products | Améo Independent Distributor - I love the diffuser I received with my Founders Kit (Still available ask me) but this one is a great addition for my living room.

Essential oils are a safe way to bring some scented cheer to your home during the holiday season! Here's 20 blends for your favorite method of diffusing that not only will warm your heart, but have some health benefits too!

Améo Muscle Rub was developed to support your active lifestyle by naturally and effectively soothing sore, overworked muscles. Each essential oil incorporated—including Wintergreen, Eucalyptus Globulus, Peppermint, and Helichrysum—was chosen to provide fast-acting relief when you need it most.

Add your favorite essential oils to transform any room into a habitation of tranquility. The Everyday's ultrasonic technology breaks down the mixture of water and oils into millions of particles, dispersing them throughout your home or office to provide various therapeutic benefits, pleasant fragrances, and improved air quality. Its simple and modern look and variable lighting options also pair well with any space.

Hey fat cells, it's o.k., go ahead and release the toxins you've been storing. Flush the cellulite with Clinical Grade essential oils! Tastes uuhh-mazing!

Améo Orange Sourcing | Améo Essential Oils I love to brush my teeth with a couple of drops of orange EOS

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