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8 weeks on Shaklee 180: down 14 lbs, 10% body fat loss, A1c dropped from 5.8 to 4.8, off two of three blood pressure medicines, risk of diabetes lowered from 80% to 30%. Even my hair is healthier. And the best part...its all bioavailable and no unsafe ingredients.

I'm doing a 180 and Loving it! See how I'm getting Healthy for Life with Shaklee 180. #shaklee180

In 1915 Dr. Shaklee invented vitalized minerals known today as vitamins. Over the years many others have tried to copy his original formula taken from nature and he said they copied and copied but they couldn't copy my mind. #health, #nutrition Please RePIN

New Cinch Snack Crisps - 100 calories per serving, 6 grams of hunger-fighting protein, you can go about your day without an ounce of guilt. Munch away.

No pain. No side effects only side benefits. http://www.thewellthypeople.com

Still afraid of the flu? This patented product from Shaklee is a natural interferon product....stimulates your body to produce more germ fighting interferon in the immune system. Great natural alternative to the flu shot...also great for allergies, & cancer recovery. http://elizabethjo.myshaklee.com/us/en/welcome.html

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