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Business of Yoga: 3 Tips for Better Time Management + Focus

With the freedom of yoga teaching schedules comes challenge in creating structure and routine. Learn how to master your day.

5 Ways to Theme a Yoga Class

Yoga is our passion. Your healthy lifestyle is our obsession​!​ We talk yoga, fitness, diet, health, wellness, love + style. Join us in ​improving your...

5 Tips to Land Your First Yoga Job

5 Tips to Land Your First Yoga Job - Pin now, read later! More Healthy Alternatives here:

How to Find Satya (Truth) On And Off Your Mat

The yogic practice of satya (truth) focuses on carefully choosing our words so they do the least harm—and most good.

YOGAJOURNAL.COM has all the tips from a healthy diet to a happy mind. Learn how to lead a yogic life off the mat.

Three Morning Yoga Moves That Will Put You in a Good Mood (Even When You Woke Up in a Bad One)

Yoga for Kids: Seva Lemonade Stand for Charity

Yoga for kids: When life gives you lemons, host a good karma lemonade stand to raise funds for an important cause.

The Key to Yoga Business Success: Collaboration vs Competition

Collaboration vs Competition for Yoga Business Success | With over 20 million yoga practitioners in the US alone and another 46 million people interested in trying the practice, according to Yoga Alliance, it is time teachers and studio owners understand and embrace that competition is an unnecessary game.

These Nature Yoga Photos Will Make You Ditch Your Indoor Flow

Get inspired to workout and try yoga by in nature with these motivating photos. You'll love looking at these scenic yoga pictures. Try some of these yoga poses next time you're exploring nature.