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First Days of Math Workshop

Get started on the right foot with these 10 math lessons to teach routines and procedures the first days of school! Now includes an interactive notebook for each procedural lesson. $

Mystery Perimeter Freebie from Laura Candler - Complete hands-on lesson for introducing students to finding unknown sides of irregular polygons - CCSS Math Content 3.MD.D.8 and also effective with 4th and 5th grade for review and remediation

Linear Equations: Graphing Slope and Intercepts Practice Booklet

I used this linear equations booklet in my classroom as both independent practice and as notes for their interactive math notebook . Students will graph 6 linear equations from either Standard Form or Slope-Intercept Form and identify the parts of the graph (slope, x-intercept and y-intercept).

In this Real-Life math lesson students will interpret graphs to find the story that the graph is telling and then make their own graph and story us...

Pre-Algebra (Middle School Math) Warm-Ups - Just "snip" into your lessons, or use as entrance tickets. Student recording sheet provided. Super time saver!