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Cool Milk, Naps, Rock & Roll Baby Grow

If I ever had a baby boy, I will for sure have him all about rock n' roll like his momma! Haha.

Feathers,(for nephews) coins,(for Dad's important message) butterflies, birds and animals can all be a sign from Spirit!

Here’s my third tattoo! So for the people who don’t know, this is in support of #ProjectSemicolon . Basically it’s in support of anxiety, depression, mental health et cetera and my personal/family experiences with all of the above. It’s on my wrist as a daily reminder to breathe/relax and love/stay positive and just keep on going while also trying to remind me that everyone else is going through struggles too.

star leg tattoos women designs - I love this but would like it on my wrist and with the 3 bigger stars as hearts to represent my son, niece and nephew.