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All that remains from a statue of Akhenaten and Nefertiti is their clasped hands, New Kingdom, 18. dynasty 1350 B.C.

A Study of the Statue of Amenhemhatankh

6. Egyptians; left one is wearing a Hemhemet crown and the one on the right is wearing a War Crown.

Hathor holding Nefertari's hand. This is a detail of the northern face of the northwest pillar of the sarcophagus room at queen Nefertari's tomb, Egypt

Akhenaton - Worshiped Aton, the sun's disk (his name stood for "beneficial to Aton") - Pharaoh of Egypt, along with his wife Nefertiti (1353-36 BC)

cave paintings found at Tassili-n-Ajjer, north of Tamanrasset (an oasis city and capital of Tamanrasset Province in southern Algeria, in the Ahaggar Mountains.

#Tekeret in devotion to protecting and reviving Isis Osiris. Late Period (664-332 BC.) bronze | Louvre Museum