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From Resistors to ICs Color Codes

I have been reverse engineering since before the advent of solid state circuits. When I looked up color codes here at Instructables, I was surprised to find just a few one page Instructables on component color codes.The color codes we all know and love come from EIA standards, (Electronics Industries Association) and they were used on almost every device at one time or another, even vacuum tubes. They are still in use on many devices used in electronics today.I work on many older electronic…

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Different Types of Resistors and Its Color Code Calculation in Electronics Different types of resistors are used to limit the current in electronic circuits as they are available in different ratings depending on the application.

Today I found out how an LED works. An LED or “Light Emitting Diode” is basically as the name describes; it is a special type of diode that is specifically optimized to give off light, usually in the visual or infrared spectrum, as electricity is passed through it. A diode is a special type of semiconductor that has many uses. One of [...]

Testing Electrical & Electronics Components & Devices with Multimeter. How To Test Electrical & Electronics Components with Multimeter, How to Check Fuse, Switch, Cable & Wire, Capacitor, Resistor etc with DMM or AVO Multimeter