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I love lions for the sole purpose of being a Leo. I dream of having one as a pet but we all know that's impossible. So, just getting the chance to hold one would be enough for me.

Already have been there with my bestest friend, my husband. Now, I want to go with my best chick friend, Sheila.

Date on here so I know what day I officially put it on my bucket list, and (hopefully!) one day I'll be able to come back and put the date that I actually did this on! It'll be cool to see how long it takes you to do some things.

CHECK! Off of Anacapa Island (part of the Channel Islands) off the coast of California. Had to wear full body wet suits because the water was so cold, but it was completely worth it. There are so many beautiful things underwater!

Be a Movie Extra

Bucket list: be a movie extra with my kids. OMG already did this. It was so much fun! Didn't get to wear neat costumes, but was still fun.