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Major drugmakers push back in U.S. price debate

Drugmakers hike prices on Lyrica and other pharmaceuticals, and then say it doesn’t matter because most people don’t pay retail.

The low immunization rate with the vaccine, tied in part to the touchy issue of sex, has measurably negative consequences.

The Measles Outbreak Is Twice As Big As You Thought

The number of U.S. measles cases has continued climbing toward 200, with 173 cases noted in the CDC’s most recent report March 6 — but that’s only half the story. If you add in the cases multiplying north of the border, the outbreak nearly doubles in size. Canada is also facing [...]

Lack of Vaccinations Leads to Whooping Cough Outbreak in Brooklyn

Vaccines matter! Lack of vaccinations leads to whooping cough outbreak in Brooklyn. Could it happen here? You betcha! -HamCoHealth

TIL: Every Mexican child is granted a National Vaccination Card where their vaccination history has to be registered. A complete record is mandatory for being enrolled in school With 14 preventable diseases included México has one of the most complete vaccination schemes in the world.

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Watch how the measles outbreak spreads when kids get vaccinated – and when they don't

California's Children Win, Anti-Vaxxers Lose