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Rhodonite crystals embody heart based energy. They stimulate acceptance and forgiveness, aid emotional healing of relationship problems and calm you when you are angry, fearful, panicky or stressed, and help you discover hidden talents.

Learn about connecting with Angels. See list of specific crystals to use to elevate you to the Angelic realms, to meet Angels and ask for their help.

Bloodshot Iolite. Known as the gemstone of the Vikings, Iolite was used by Norse and Viking explorers as a navigational aid, as a properly oriented stone would change color in relation to the direction of sunlight, allowing for crude navigation in the fog- enshrouded northern Atlantic waters where the direction of the sun was otherwise impossible to discern.

Healing Crystals For You: Learn to use healing crystals, for self healing, develop psychic gifts. See crystal pictures to identify specific stones, and learn healing properties of many crystals.

Rhodonite aids you to discover if the problem in your relationship is connected to how you have been acting, or whether its related to the other persons actions.

Blue Aragonite - this stone is an excellent stone to aid you with healing your inner child. Some of these may relate to past life experiences... problems tha...