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A Quiet Revolution in Bicycles: Recapturing a Role as Utilitarian People-Movers (Part II) | Peak Prosperity

Picture this baby on playa with a playafly coming off the back. Gonna be sweet once I get my welding skills established

3 Tips to keep you chic when you cycle in a skirt

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You love cycling? Then just enjoy the 42 most inspiring, intelligent, smartest and strongest collection of cycling quotes you've ever seen. The quotes are in no particular order…

Helios Smart Bike Handle Bars

Helios Smart Bike Handle Bars / The Helios Handle Bars will turn your run-of-the-mill bicycle into a smart bike.

Allow me to introduce you to the Kangaroo, the most sophisticated cargo bike I’ve met. The Kangaroo is a Danish bike, designed specifically – and wonderfully – to carry children. Although I was initially skeptical of a bike made of such modern materials and with such a narrow purpose, after my test ride the Kangaroo now ranks near the top of my bike list.