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I'm Joe Winchester. My big brothers are Sam and Dean. I'm friends with Castiel. Uncle Bobby is the best. The Doctor, Sherlock, and John are amazing. I'm sweet, sassy, caring, and loyal. I'm a skilled hunter.

Left to right: Maplefeather, she-cat, kind, funny, new warrior, no mate or kits, has a crush on Deerpelt. Bluestripe, she-cat, wise, cunning, sly, no mate or kits. Deerpelt, tom, attentive, thoughtful, comforting, no mate or kits. Windleaf, she-cat, silly, shy, good friends with Bluestripe, no mate or kits.

Wand no. 127 | Commissioned by Molly P. | Birch, 11" | Completed March 2014. This wand's design is based on the unicorn. The shaft is based on the traditional imagery of a unicorn's horn and is not...

When bitches hate on me becuz their man or ex or baby daddy hit me up but I don't respond they should thank me, but when those birches than hate on me or act ratchet to my face I'm think....should I fuck him since she already thinks I have #familydrama #itsbeen6yrs #getiverit #b4igetonit