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The Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush is a hit during the, "stick everything in my mouth phase." It's safer than a regular sized toothbrush your baby can gag on, and the soft bristles I'm positive feel good when your baby is teething. It's never too early to start practicing good oral hygiene!

Oral Cavity Cover - Flexible Pink Rubber Cover. Compatible with all Dental Typodonts & Simulators. Used by Students to Simulate & Mimic Human Mouth, Lips, Chicks, Oral Cavity for Real Life - Like Dental Practice.

Go Pod Portable Activity Center - keeps active babies who don't like sitting happily in one place on the go! Folds up compact. Awesome baby product, perfect for picnics, outdoors, playtime at home, easily carried anywhere. #product_design #gopod

A pack and play is great for so many reasons. I always start my babies out in a pack and play near my bed. They are also useful for vacations, afternoons at grandma’s, or when you have baby guests. This gender-neutral print is so cute too!

'Legacy Better Be - The First Lady' Diaper Bag

Jujube Diaper Bag: because every baby and every toddler requires every momma to carry lots of stuff. And this way, at least you look cute doing it! Jujube is a great brand that has so many handy compartments to keep your organized. Happy momma = happy baby. So it’s his gift too, right?

This car seat travel bag let's you lug that big thing in the airport while freeing up your hands to hold, oh you know, everything else you have to carry through the airport. Brilliant protection for travel!

Look, I don't blame you if the thought of sucking up your infant's snot grosses you out, but don't knock it until you try it! Parents love this nasal aspirator and the relief it brings to their baby! When your baby can't breathe because of snot, this is the grossest thing you will forever be grateful for. It really works! (Oh and the snot won't get in your mouth).

Dental Hygiene Bumper Stickers

This Kinsa Smart thermometer is so awesome! It records the temperature (that is done in a ten second reading) in an app. You can track the temperature and symptoms in this app to later share with a doctor, caregiver, etc. Perfect baby shower gift!

Nursing your baby and being environmentally friendly-- how much better can it get? These LilyPadz reusable silicone nursing pads are comfortable and keep your clothes dry. The constant pressure of them actually prevents the milk from leaking!