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Dark Hardcore...didn't know this genre existed. Reminds me to check the Map Of Metal again. And Totem Skins new album!

Les belles images du mois de février

I like the idea of incorporating a small tribal inspired element. I love the placement on her right leg as well.

Retro Flash In Yellow And Brown - Original South African ShweShwe Designer Fabric - 100 % Cotton

Traditionally produced genuine Shweshwe cotton fabric | Shwe-shwe (or schwe schwe) fabric was introduced to South Africa with German settlers in the 19th century, but over time Xhosa women, who took a liking to the stiff indigo-dyed fabric, replaced their animal skin clothes with shweshwe. It is said to be named after the sound the skirts make when you walk goDésana has eliminated the hoops and hurdles to getting started in business with no sign-up fees, no auto-delivery requirement, no investment, and no personal purchase requirements to earn, making this the Income Opportunity by which all others should be compared.

Has Snake slithered into your world today? If so, you are being asked to undergo a major transformation. Are you willing to shed your old skin? Are you willing to let go of people, places, and things that no longer have a place in your life? Snake will help you make the grand transformation, then slide into a new life that's brimming with possibility.