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George Martin, considered "The Fifth Beatle," one of the greatest record producers of all time, died peacefully Tuesday. Ringo made a super video tribute.

She pulls a card each morning to use an affirmation for the day. | WILD UNKNOWN TAROT --------- **XIV - Temperance**

diy license plate words. find a bunch of old licence plates, the hard part is finding the ones that have to letters you want in the right place. cut them and glue onto a piece of wood to put on the wall, voila!

We uplift the world through kindness, through creativity, through light, through love .... ♥♥ .... | www.laurajaworski.com

Tawakul Karman Age: 32 Occupation: Human-rights activist This 32-year-old mother of three is an unlikely activist. But as the chair of Women Journalists Without Chains — a Yemeni group that defends freedom of expression — she has been protesting at Sana'a University, in the nation's capital, every Tuesday since 2007.

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