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I'm bringing back mix and match Monday since I haven't done it in a while! This mix was inspired by the golden glow of Fall days. If Halloween were about wearing chic outfits instead of costumes, this is what I'd wear.

Last time I talked about wearing bright colors for Fall, I featured many beautiful bloggers, this time I'm focusing on all the recent photo shoots that have picked up on this trend. As you enjoy the pictures, don't forget my tips for mixing brights! Vogue Portugal

White tee shirt and jeans outfit 3: Statement rings, TOMs, cross-body bag, patterned scarf, aviators

|ˈkaliˌkō| noun ( pl. -coes or -cos) coarse cloth originally from Calicut, India with a bright print; motley: having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly; any small repeated print design on cotton, usually a...

I don't think I'll ever grow out of the black tights, black shoes thing. And one day I'll have a "Rasberry Beret, the kind you get in a second hand store" and I'll walk in through the out door, the out door.