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PEE LACE georgia🦋 on

Teehee How is that cookie Moriarty? lol I haven't watched Sherlock yet but this made me giggle!

Five boozy hot chocolates your granny wouldn’t make

Ever tried alcohol-spiked hot chocolate? Once you’ve sampled our sumptuous recipes, you’ll never look back. A splash of double cream here, a dollop of Nutella there, and a warming dash of liqueur to finish things off. The result? Pure indulgence in a glass.

this is true, and that's part of the reason that i don't get scared of horror movies with aliens, because it's scarier to think that a human can harm and hurt another humab.

This is literally me. Favorite characters include Jim "see my crown" Moriarty, Crowley "self appointed king of Hell", Hannibal "eat the rude" Lecter and a few others.

Can you deduce the reference?----I thought she ate it?<<<How can she eat such a huge suitcase??? It would take a lot of time to do so and she would die from eating something like that>> well she did die though! ;-)