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lol Leeanna, this is just like us- hugging eachother cuz we can't contain the excitement of a whole FOOTBALL TEAM of attractive dudes. and the dudes are in PURPLE too

This blog includes photography images that you can repost to your own blog. Please follow me to get tons of pictures you like! Recommend me please! If you submit me a picture I will most likely post it! I do promotes(: Ask me questions im always open

i dont mean to sound conceited, but that really sounds like me. i put too much trust in too many people too quickly and they often let me down but i forgive easily and dont care how many times you mess up, ill only be mad for about a day i love you again

My blog is geared toward very progressive politics, the sciences, social justice, and how we can change the world to make it great for all of us. I want this to be an open forum for discussion of any claims, dogma, beliefs, or government craziness....

"I realize the lines of friendship can be a little gray, and can be difficult to determine. It’s different for every friendship. I can’t decide what’s too much for you to handle... I love you, so wherever you decide that line needs to be… no matter how...