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so... it completely defeats the purpose of a death penalty, even though that is the purpose. What? i... dont understand. headache. mind. blown.

I have mixed feelings about Dumbeldore. On one hand, he was on the side of the light and did do everything to defeat Voldemort, but on the other hand, some of that "everything" went a bit too far.

LET ME BLOW YOUR MIND...This is photo of a soldier,(German father, African mother). His father was a colonial administrator in German SW Africa (now Namibia). When the official returned to Germany, he took his son with him. This is the man while serving in the army of "NAZI GERMANY'! His wife, was a mixed race German from the Rhineland. The hair & features on both of them clearly show a mix of African & caucasian ancestry...& he was NOT the only one in the German Army! "...the more you…

Boudicca - Queen of the Iceni Celts under Roman rule. When her husband, King Prasutagus, died in 60AD, the Romans reneged on an earlier agreement & demanded Boudicca hand over her land & wealth. She refused & the Romans beat her & raped her daughters. In turn, Boudicca amassed & led a force of 100,000 warriors against the Roman army & very nearly defeated them... her army sacked London and held the Romans at bay for over 6 months... longer than any other military leader ever...

Not an endorsement of Napoleon, but he saw right through certain things. But in the grown up world of the 21st C, is it possible to still be relying on imaginary friends of this kind and expect anyone of taste or intellect to take you seriously?

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