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Kentucky family cemeteries, for the most part, are abandoned, according to a Kentucky Task Force report on the Preservation of Kentucky Cemeteries, 2001. This report states that out of 2,157 private family burial grounds surveyed, 95% were found to be abandoned.

Guarding Her Grave This is the famous cast iron dog in Hollywood Cemetery-Richmond, Virginia. Little Florence Bree's brother begged his father for this dog, which used to stand outside a merchant's shop in Richmond. The father eventually bought the dog for him and when his little sister Florence died of scarlet fever the dog was placed at her grave. The dog not only watches over Florence but also was put there to save it from being melted down for confederate bullets during the Civil War…

According to legend, this is the grave of a warlock. His head is burried either between his legs or in the stone at the top, and if reunited with his body, he'll come back to life. Rehobeth-Ridge Road Cemetery New Philadelphia, Ohio

South Korea Funeral Traditions - Three days after the corpse is buried, food is placed on the grave as an offering and is done once a year afterwards