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Africa | Daily life in a Dinka cattle camp on the west bank of the Nile River just south of Bor, South Sudan. During the dry season this Dinka clan keep their cattle in the riverside camp from late afternoon to mid-morning, when they set them out to graze. In camp they smear both people and cattle with ash from cow dung fires to keep prevent insect bites. | © George Steinmetz

Africa | "Dinka family with modern dress. South Sudan. While adopting western dress, the Dinka do not always follow the convential concept of gender division in clothing and often creatively mix garments". | ©Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

Africa | Dinka (Sudan) Corset. Bead and fibres | This finery conforms to fashion, accentuating the natural form of the body, and also reveals a great deal about the age, achievements and social standing of the wearer. In common with other pastoralist peoples of East Africa, Dinka men pass through an age-grade system. Its various stages require certain codes of conduct to be observed and certain kinds of adornment to be displayed which indicate the individual's status in society.

Namesake Ox by Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith (please do not repin without including photographer's credits)

Africa | A Bell Anklet from the Kafo People of Burkina Faso | Iron | These symbols of wealth would have been worn during dance celebrations and invoke the ancestral spirits.

Africa | Corset from the Dinka people of Southern Sudan | Glass beads | Mid 20th century || Insert is a photo taken by Angela Fisher, "African Adorned", showing such a corset being worn.

Woman’s garment Late 19th – early 20th century Dinka people, South Sudan Glass beads, leather, fur, strings Source: The Israel Museum