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Kris decked out in my Carhartt gear I bought for winter in Valdez, except the jacket, that's what Kris called his "Steve walking jacket." by Jahsh Lander

Great edit on the Carhartt WIP Brand Book.

Carhartt by Tristandara, via Flickr "We're issued Carhartts for deployment in Antarctica, and it just so happens that you tend to look alike a lot of the time!"

The Amazing Mr. Fixit I found this gem parked outside the Chapel Hill Public Library. It's the hardest-working Buick Special you'll ever see. Not visible: road atlas, Carhartt work clothes, books, duffle bag, work boots, scraps of paper, and about a hundred other things (see the notes for more).

KONGAKUT RIVER, AK - Camp IX: Icy Reef; Bobby watches the Helio Courier as it roars along the beach we cleared to take off and haul Lindsay, Sune and a load of gear off Icy Reef.

Railway station Appenzell, Switzerland. Mamiya NC1000S Extrafilm Color HR 200, expired 01/2002 Markus Moning : KONGAKUT RIVER, AK - Camp I: Headwater.