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Warning or invitation?! New Mexico. Photo by @argonautphoto on a father/son road trip assignment with my old son @hawkeyehuey driving through the American SouthWest on assignment for @natgeotravel! by natgeotravel

Photo by @jeffmauritzen. Ever wonder what midnight looks like down in #Antarctica during the summer? Here's tonight's (or this morning's?) We're on the Antarctic peninsula and north of the Antarctic Circle so the sun will indeed set but you'll have this beautiful twilight until the sun rises again in just a few hours. Pictured here are some Gentoo penguins chilling on an iceberg. For more adventures in #Antarctica please follow along as @jeffmauritzen travels aboard the National Geographic…

Photo by @andywcoleman // A staggering 500 species of birds over 30 endemics are estimated to inhabit the cloud forests of Mashpi in Ecuador. We observed 13 different species of hummingbird in one afternoon. Our naturalist guide from Mashpi Lodge one of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World was able to help us identify all of them as they darted around us. It was a little too dark in the forest to capture images of their aerial acrobatics but they were just as beautiful when…

natgeotravel on #instagram

Instagram photo by National Geographic Travel • Dec 2015 at UTC

natgeotravel: "Mirror reflections greeted us under the midnight sun as we sailed north through the waters of Antarctic Sound toward the Drake Passage. #Antarctica is more beautiful than one could ever hope to capture in a single photograph or caption. All I can hope is to inspire you to visit someday. It is a land of surreal beauty. For more #NGExpeditions adventures from Antarctica and beyond please follow @jeffmauritzen."

A Galápagos sea lion pup waits in the shade of mangrove trees for its mother to return from fishing. Photo taken on Fernandina the youngest island in this volcanic archipelago. For more images from our recent National Geographic photo expeditions in the #Galapagos please follow me @jeffmauritzen. by natgeotravel

natgeotravel: "We caught up to this young leopard resting in some brush beneath a tree. He spent the early evening hunting but lost an impala to hyena before being able to get it safely up into a tree. Leopard will protect its kill if possible but are smart enough to know when they are outnumbered by hyena who are often larger than the big cat and have powerful crushing jaws. Big Cat Week continues tonight on Nat Geo WILD with The Lakeshore Killers - following three male lions on their quest…

Photograph by @susanseubert // A chinstrap penguin appears to skip along the snow on Half Moon Island Antarctica. These oft anthropomorphized birds are a fantastic subject for photographs and a joy to observe in the wild. Photographed #onassignment for @natgeotravel #natgeoexpeditions #penguin Follow @susanseubert for more! by natgeotravel