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China's Urban Billion: The Story Behind the Biggest Migration in Human History (Asian Arguments): Tom Miller: 9781780321417: Books

37 Times Tumblr Made You Rethink Everything About "Harry Potter"

Additionally, it has been confirm by Rowling, that being concived under the effects of a love potion is the cause Tom couldn't feel love. The impact of substance abuse in this case can't be ignored.

jossisgod: ““Thor The Dark World - Commentary by Tom Hiddleston ” Who can read THAT fast? ”

Harry also: saved the sorcerers stone, can speak parsletong, defeated tom riddle and a basilisk, saved Sirius and buckbeak, survived the triwizard tournament, survived a Voldemort attack, delt with the prophecy, watched loads of people die, survived and won the battle of hogwarts. So yeah Harry's the best.

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Tom Felton does a wonderful job in this scene. He really made me feel pity for Malfoy for the first time in the series. Bravo!

Aw. The entire HP cast were such ridiculously adorable kids! (Draco Malfoy is coloring. Your argument is invalid.)