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Fever and Taking Your Child's Temperature - You've probably experienced waking in the middle of the night to find your child flushed, hot, and sweaty. Here's more about fevers, how to measure and treat them, and when to call your doctor.

Great article - if you haven't read it already, it's well worth the click!! 10 Things I Learned When I Stopped Yelling At My Kids.

Visual schedule with pull down flaps + magnets. When item is completed, close the flap, and the word "done" is on the outside.

25 Alternatives to "Good Job"

25 Alternatives to 'Good Job' - breaking the habit of hollow praise with a free prntable list of alternatives

oh my... if i had a dollar for every not-so-subtle bit of parenting advice ive seen in Facebook statuses... ladies, we arent competing with each other. stop.

15 things to teach my boys

If you get time, check out the web site It has lots of great information for parents of tween, teens, and college age students on driving, health and body image, education and the bi…

Teach Your Child not to Interrupt in one Simple & Respectful Step

Teach Your Child not to Interrupt in One Simple Step: I was chatting with her one day when her (then 3-year-old) son wanted to say something. Instead of interrupting though, he simply placed his hand on her wrist and waited. My friend placed her hand over his to acknowledge him and we continued chatting. After she had finished what she was saying, she turned to him. I was in awe! So simple. So gentle. So respectful of both the child and the adult.That’s all. Give it a try. It works!