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The facts in this infographic are why Wire Peacock's bags and wallets are 100% vegan. It might look like leather, but its trickery, I tell you! <3

Animals deserve the same rights, freedoms and respect that humans are allowed, and because they cannot fight for it themselves, we should fight for them. I've pinned you before :-( OH how I'd LOVE to help you :-( I'd give them my hair

The Flūther Transversion is the process by which one experiences an awakening to the reality of animal suffering and embraces animal rights. - This article is amazing and talks about the transformation most people encounter, when becoming vegan. Also, the omnivore bingo is awesome!

"I see no difference between eating a dog, pig or cow. If the idea of eating dogs or cats bothers you, then understand how the idea of eating pigs, which are just as smart and loving, bothers me. Then you will have understood the daily pain within the heart of a vegan, or at least, ...within the heart of me." ~Jace Kai