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November 3, 2010 ~ This week’s Picture of the Week is from the John Hathorne Family Bible Records. Halfway down the middle of the page describes the family’s involvement in the Salem Witch Trials. The Hathorne Family Bible Records is part of the North Carolina Family Records Online. Click the image to read the transcription. ^cs

The Trial of Rebecca Nurse

"The Sheriff brought the witch up the broad aisle, her chains clanking as she stepped." illustration of Rebecca Nurse by Freeland A. Carter published in "The Witch of Salem, or Credulity Run Mad" by John R. Musick circa 1893. #salemwitchtrials

Understanding the Salem Witch Trials ~ In this lesson, students will explore the characteristics of the Puritan community in Salem, learn about the Salem Witchcraft Trials, and try to understand how and why this event occurred. Includes student launchpad resource.

Reminds me of the Anyone home in Griffinfall, when the girls were staying with Alyssa and the kids while Hazel was away.

Departure of the Pilgrims from Delft Haven by Charles Lucy (1814-1873), painted in England, c1847. This scene shows the Separatist band praying together just before their departure from Holland. The central figure is their minister, John Robinson, leading them in prayer. Robinson had to remain in Holland and died before he could join his congregation in Plymouth.

Fairfield, Connecticut Witch Trials. My 9 greats grandmother, Rebecca (Brown) Odell was a Puritan known as Goodwife Odell who sailed to Massachusetts Bay Colony with her husband William Odell ca. 1638. She is believed to have accused one Goody Knapp of witchcraft after having found strange marks on her body. This resulted in the woman being executed. Goodwife Odell was present for the hanging in 1654.