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Shield Angel: Though bolts of lightning may strike at our men, none shall pierce my shield of light. No matter the power you wield, it cannot hope to overcome the authority of our Lord God himself!

Angel_of_Swords: Come to me, kindred souls. These holy wings were granted by the gods to fly me to the demons' abode.

Israfil: Final Judgement is handed down by the angel of sorrow, whose music soothes mortal hearts and whose tears quench the earth.

Lyrial_Persuant: Mine is a vexing task. I must pass Heaven's judgement on a fallen angel - a former friend. Don't you find that a mite emotionally stressful?

Sahaquiel: The delicate angel reigns over the sky. Though she may look innocent, her unholy rivals quiver when she launches a flurry of light-beam arrows from her star staff.

Twin_Cherubs_of_Exodus: A pair of angels from the sealed city to the north of the sacred city. With revelation and disaster sealed away in their ark, they wait for the one who will next fulfill the covenant.

oh my god and fantastic by Kristina Webb | We Heart It

Jel Ena, Serbian artist (aka Jelena Markovic) based in Los Angeles, CA

"Cherished" by Lauren Saxton. For the "Where the Wild Things Are" show at Swoon Gallery LA, March 2016.

- Mr Rabbit - by *ArtByEmz on deviantART