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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Self-Portrait with Cat, 1920 | Harvard Art Museums/ Busch-Reisinger Museum

EMIL NOLDE | Der Blau Reiter (Blue Rider) Pre-War, centered in Munich - Kandinsky, Jawlensky, Franz Marc, Lyonel Feininger, Albert Block, Marianne von Werekin, Paul Klee, Gabrielle Munter, etc. The artists shared a common desire to express spiritual truths through art, the connection between visual art and music, the spiritual and symbolic associations of color, and a spontaneous, intuitive approach to painting.

Moonrise, Soldier and Maiden 1905. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880-1938) was a German expressionist painter & printmaker and a founder of Die Brücke, a key group leading to the foundation of Expressionism in 20th-century art. He volunteered for army service in the First World War, but soon suffered a breakdown and was discharged. In 1933, his work was branded as "degenerate" by the Nazis and in 1937 over 600 of his works were sold or destroyed. In 1938 he committed suicide by gunshot.

bofransson: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 1880 - 1938 Im Sertigtal (In Sertig Valley) sooooo good. the purple and pink. whoa.