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19 Social Media Quotes for Business to Live By [INFOGRAPHIC]

#Twitter has become one of the most popular #socialnetworking platforms in present time. Since its launch in March 21, 2006, it has grown tremendously in terms of its user base. #blame twitter, #history of twitter, how to tweet, #obama on twitter, #social media #marketing, twitter, #twitter cheat sheet, twitter facts, twitter followers, twitter showdown, twitter statistics, #twitter vs #facebook

Google Enhanced Adword Best Practices  #Infographic - On the Top 5 Social Graphics Page

The 36 Rules of Social Media - Private Practice from the Inside Out at

Why Social Media is One Pillar of Dramatically Improved Digital Marketing Digital marketing has the goal of creating more revenue for your business. In order to create the revenue, your marketing must generate visitors, transform them to leads and convert them to sales. Social media and the relationships you build and the value you provide can help you with all three aspects of your marketing.