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I'm still not sure why I ever bought this car, a 2009 Acura RDX, but I traded the '08 Accord and the Element for this car thinking I could get two cars in one. Not such a great idea. The engine was awful and it sucked gas like a drunken sailor.

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When we moved back to Utah in 2000, I needed a car to drive to work. I found a green 1995 VW Jetta Celebration Edition. It was a decent enough car, but like most VWs of the era, they were flawed. The 2.0 liter 110 hp engine was adequate, but the car had a very heavy clutch and was burdensome to drive, but it was a great freeway cruiser, as all VWs are. After driving it for a couple of years, I was happy to get rid of it.

With the '07 GTI getting a bit up there in miles, I thought I might pick up something with a warranty. I traded the GTI for a 2012 Kia Forte 5-door. I thought Korean cars were improving so I decided to give this one a try. I was less than impressed and only kept it six months.

1998 Honda Accord EX. When Honda introduced its newest generation Accord, we decided to upgrade. The EX had all the power goodies and had more room than our '94 model. A very nice car. Ours was dark blue. 2.3 liter, 140 hp engine.

Six months with the Kia was enough to convince me to go get the car I wanted to buy in the first place, a VW Golf TDI. 40 MPG and a hoot to drive. This is another car I should have never sold.

Trading the Q5 for a 2013 Audi S4 was an act of pure auto lust. This car was simply awesome, but very expensive. In the end, it became too expensive and I needed to get something cheaper. But for the year that I had it, it was awesome!