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Thomas Kinkade, artist (1/19/58 - 4/6/2012)

RIP Thomas KinkadeThomas Kinkade died April 6, 2012 from a combination of alcohol and medication poisoning at the age of 54 years old. 1/26/14

GRACELAND, 50th ANNIVERSARY - 2007 "Elvis Presley created rock and roll, changed music forever. Graceland, his home from the demands of his fame. I hope to capture a bit of the home that he loved so much. I create art for everyone to enjoy, just as Elvis created music enjoyed by millions of people the world over. The Elvis I want to celebrate the private man; the inspiration of how one person can use his God given talent to bring joy to millions of people." - Thomas Kinkade

Because if I'd wanted to be even more frivolous than I already was with a social studies major, I would have loved an art history degree. :)

Romance Awakens – Limited Edition Art

Beyond Autumn Gate

Thomas Kinkade painted “Beyond Autumn Gate” in 1993, after being inspired on a trip to England with his wife, Nanette. This award-winning painting is a collector favorite, and is the second painting in Thom’s famous “Autumn Gate Collection”. To see this painting in detail and learn more about its history click on this Pin. #autumn #art #thomaskinkade

Cobblestone Mill – Limited Edition Art

"Cobblestone Mill" reminds us that all blessings flow timelessly from the hand of God. ~ Thomas Kinkade. October 2002 - Thomas Kinkade