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B2ST fan has an awesome idea for the group's new name! http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/11/b2st-fan-has-an-awesome-idea-for-the-groups-new-name

Their latin name is "Lion flower" I have to get some. Leonotis leonurus... hummingbirds love these, I've grown them several times.. they are so tall!

Rockford Files makes me think of my dad because I would watch this show with him. I loved the theme song.

Emperor 200 Luxury Computer Workstations are available at MWELab.com for $44,750 plus shipping. Although on first blush this may seem almost as exorbitant as the gold and diamond covered PCs reportedly owned by oil sheikhs, you can’t begrudge the 1% for wanting something this cool.

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